Mike's Paddle, Owner and SUP Coach

In May 2015, I started a stand up paddle board shop in Alameda, CA focusing on instruction and membership. I believe that a successful shop should be based on instruction so that people can learn how to paddle safety and have fun at the same time. The shop has grown exponentially in the past two seasons, we now have two thousand customers, fifty active members and a plethora of program such as Intro to SUP classes, SUP Yoga classes and retreats, downwind sup, surf sup, and international trips.

Kayaking and Rafting Coach

Between 2002 and 2015, I have trained over 300 people to become kayakers and rafters. Each year, I worked with a variety of non-profit and for profit organizations (Outdoors Unlimited, Healing Waters, California Canoe and Kayak, and the Sierra Club)  to train kayakers, kayak instructors, raft guides, raft guide instructors and instructor trainers. 

International Paddling Traveller and Guide

Between 1998 and 2015, I have traveled to numerous countries/states to travel, paddle and work: Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Taiwan, China, Croatia, Canada, France, Guatemala, Alaska, Mongolia, Thailand, and Burma. I am proficient in Spanish and fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese.