The storm is coming and I'm going paddling! 1/7/2017 to 1/12/2017

The winter pineapple express is here! Wind, rain, flash food, and total mayhem! I'm ready though for the next 10 days as the storm is blowing south wind and luckily I'm going the same way! Per the national weather service:

"So far, little change is seen on incoming model data. Rain is expected to begin this evening, and winds are expected to ramp up as well. The initial burst of rain is only a pre-cursor and not
directly associated with the atmospheric river. Expect periods of rain on and off Saturday but generally light to moderate in intensity."

"A high wind watch has also been posted for the area hills starting at 4 am Saturday and lasting
through Sunday morning. Model data shows strong southerly winds at 925 mb in the strong warm advection pattern. Wind gusts from 50 to 60 mph in the coastal hills will be possible. Wind will likely lull for a time Saturday afternoon but then wind speeds are expected to ramp up again Saturday night and Sunday morning as the next wave moves onshore."

Saturday, we're paddling from Redwood City to Coyote Point and Sunday Coyote Point to Oyster Point. Hopefully we'll get some good waves! 1/10/17 and 1/11/17 are still undecided, I may not end up going all the way to Kirby Cove. It could be a long paddle all the way to Sausalito on 1/10 depending on the weather.

1/7/2017 101 Surf Sports in Redwood City to Coyote Point Yacht Harbor- 10 Miles

1/8/2017 Coyote Point Yacht Harbor to Oyster Point Point Marina - 7 Miles

1/9/2017 Oyster Point Marina to McCovey Cove, San Francisco - 10 Miles

1/10/2017 McCovey Cove, San Francisco to Kirby Cove - 9 Miles

1/11/2017 Kirby Cove to Bluerush, Sausalito - 5 Miles

1/12/2017 Break