Day 18 Richmond Inner Harbor Basin to Emeryville Marina 5.7 Miles

On January 27, 2017, Carlo Maravilla, Hong Chin and I had a short and uneventful paddle from Richmond Inner Harbor to Emeryville Marina. After all those days of paddling, I was getting a little tired and it was nice to have a short 6 mile paddle! The winter summer days were back and I was glad to paddle in the Sun!


From Richmond to Emeryville, you get the full bay view from Bay Bridge to Golden Gate Bridge including Treasure Island, Angel Island and Brooks Island. We truly live in a fantastic paddling location. Both marinas are great for put in and take outs and shuttle is easy! The only issue is wind, so try to get your paddle done early otherwise you'll be fighting a lot of wind coming from the gate.

Hazards: boat channel in front of each of the marinas and ferry boats.

Put in: Richmond harbor has several places to take out. My favorite two are both in the inner basin. There is a public dock at the Marina Bay Yacht Harbor with wide ramps and docks. The unfortunate thing is that the parking lot is $5 for parking. You can also park just on the outside of the parking lot but there are only three or four spaces for free. The rest belong to the office park. The other take out is further in the marina next to the restaurant Salute. Sometimes the dock is closed though in the winter. One time I took out there and we had to climb over the rocks along shore with our new carbon boards which was not fun. There's a big grassy area next to the restaurant for hanging out after the paddle. 

Take out: The Emeryville Marina is a favorite for a lot of stand up paddle board downwinders and kite boarders. KGB - a favorite local kite board outfitter is based out of there. Barbary Ghost - a local favorite trawler boat operated by Drew - is a great provider of downwinders as Captain Drew can take six downwind boards and take you wherever you want on the bay and pick you up at the end of the run. The marina itself is easy to park (with a fee) and has porte-potties.