Day 13: Buck's Launching to Black Point Boat Ramp 8 Miles

From Buck's Launching to Black Point Boat Ramp we see more of the same North Bay salt marshes along the way and enter into the San Pablo Bay with more nature reserves near the Napa River Valley. The view is expansive here because there are no buildings, no hills and just flat greenery. The water gets low and muddy. The color is pure brown especially in the winter with the Sacramento River Delta bringing plenty of mud in the runoff.


On January 16, 2017, I paddled this stretch with Jim Robinson and Sandy Canchola. Jim paddled most of the way and went back on his own because his car was back at Buck's Launching. Sandy had a short inflatable river kayak and she paddled back to China Camp while her wife Sherrie drove the shuttle for her. We saw a lot of winter birds. The tides were minimal and so was the wind. Other than stimulating conversation with Jim, nothing too much to report.

Hazards: Your usual piers and low tide issues in the bay, nothing too extraordinary than hunters with their duck houses in the water trying to kill ducks. Don't dress like ducks.

Put-in: Outdoor Adventures has their put-in site at Buck's Launching and is very friendly to small boaters. There are porte-potties at the site and water. Buck's Launching is at the mouth of Las Gallina's Creek (Gallina in Spanish means Chicken but the yellower, fattier and older kind of meat rather than the young, white meat or Pollo). Hence the muddy waters. I'm not sure about the history of Buck's but apparently it has been there for many years. It has closed now and the property is sold to the State Parks. Apparently there'll be a full state park area with small and big boat launch from this site. From Buck's Launching, you can paddle several miles up the creek with great views of the marshes. The guides at OA told me that it's a very nice paddle.

Take-out: Black Point Boat Ramp is located at the most of the Petaluma river. There is plenty of paddling to be done up the river. There's a lot of fishermen and hunters that utilize this nice ramp. They are pretty friendly to small boaters. Apparently the coast guards also put in here so make sure you wear your lifejackets!